How to Encourage Reading with Your Child

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There are so many benefits of reading to, and with, your child. From helping their imaginations to grow, building their confidence in reading and encouraging their young minds to learn. Reading is a gateway to opportunities for children, as well as, aiding parents to support them with behaviour, confidence building, bedtime routines and to overcome language barriers.

Introducing a Read Write Incorporated programme, supported by phonics, gives a child the skills to read and write independently. It creates confidence in a child to sound out letters that form words and assist in their spelling.

A favourite resource for schooling is Ruth Miskins phonics cards, www.ruthmiskin.com. The cards can support a child to achieve a good level of reading by blending familiar sounds. The programme is especially great for children with additional learning difficulties, where they can practice regularly on their sounds, which is the forefront to independent reading.
Reading is an important everyday life skill. Once a child learns how to read, they can begin to enjoy and comprehend the story.

So how can we encourage our children to love reading?

  • Find books your child can relate to and are interested in, so that it captures their imagination.
  • Colourful, larger books are easy to follow for our younger readers. Start with shorter rhyming stories to keep them captivated.
  • Choose stories together, and most importantly, sit and relax with your child. Props are a great way to bring the story to life.
  • Reading should not be a stressful time. Their imagination needs to be able to grow with each page that you read.
  • Keep your child engaged, by asking them to point out words they recognise, or trace the words as you read.

Characterful provides excitement to their young readers, with a personal touch, immersing them in the story, and capturing the child’s interest in reading.
Our colourful illustrations and easy to follow stories are stimulating, offer great learning elements, and keep your child engaged throughout.