Why Personalised Stories Are Great For Children

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Welcome to Characterful! A company dedicated to creating the most immersive and absorbing books for children. But why personalise them with children’s names? How does this make the story any more exciting than a regular story? Here are a few reasons why putting your child’s name into the action has great benefits.

Improvement in literacy & language skills

It is a well known fact that the more stories a child reads, or has read to them, the better their communication and literacy skills will be as they progress through school. Children can absorb a huge amount of new usable vocabulary, sentence structures and spelling, just by reading with their loved ones. Personalised books throw children straight into the action by making them the hero of their very own stories, leading to an increased motivation to read and be read to. In turn, this will develop much stronger literacy skills and a love of language. Even the most hesitant reader, or children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, will improve their speech and awareness of language because they are literally involved in their own story.

Engagement in moral/world concepts

Being the hero of their very own story immediately makes even the most fantastical of tales extremely relatable. In doing so, if your child’s character should come across a maths problem, a moral dilemma, a difficult choice, or even a political concept presented in an age-appropriate way, they will immediately engage with it on a much higher level than if it were presented to them in a classroom. This not only benefits children’s language, but it also helps them to think laterally, to develop points of view, to make decisions based on evidence, and make positive choices in the story and in their real lives. After all, education is not just about academia, but about developing social skills that will benefit you in adulthood.

Empowering for children

Do you worry that your child might lack confidence in themselves? Or that they shy away from new challenges for fear of failure? Personalised stories can help with this because the story will create the illusion that your child is in situations of difficulty or even danger. Your child will then see themselves, or even help themselves, to find solutions that get them through these difficulties. By solving problems in the safety of the fictional world, children will then feel empowered to transfer these solutions into the real world too, building their confidence and courage ready for an independent adulthood.

Increased inclusion

Children can also feel empowered if they see their own race, sex, gender, religion or disability represented in stories. Through personalised stories, parents can ensure that their own child’s demographics are displayed before their eyes, and children whose identities are not usually represented in fiction can now see themselves enjoying adventures, making friends, being courageous and saving the day. If you’re struggling to find your own family represented in regular children’s books, then a personalised story can help include your child in the world of fiction just as much as any other child.

Treasured keepsake

Children enjoy stories but sometimes they can be rough with books and take them for granted. However, if that book were to not only contain their name but also themselves as the hero, then it becomes a much more valuable keepsake for them to take care of. Also, when they grow up and leave home, parents will be able to keep the personalised books as a treasured memory.